Here at Ruby Eye Translations, I focus mostly on novel-translating; a truly underrepresented field on the internet, and while it is more or less offset by Japanese media’s recent fondness for adapting light novels into anime and movies, plenty of series either fly completely under the radar or suffer from terrible adaptations. But never fear; the name’s Rebmastu, and I’m here to help!

I’ve been a student of Japanese since 2005, when I first sat down with a book of manga (Time Stranger Kyoko!) and transcribed it from front cover to back– that summer, in one of the most ass-backwards moves in language-learning history, I learned how to read Japanese before I even knew what it meant. Since then, most of my spare time has been taken up learning the language by reading Japanese manga and providing the translations online at Turtle Paradise Scanlations in one of the most truly back-breaking and strangest (yet extremely effective!) methods of study I’ve encountered.

I’ll always be a lifelong fan of high fantasy stories; next to the Slayers series by Hajime Kanzaka (naturally), I’m a new-ish fan of the Wheel of Time series by the late Robert Jordon. Just throw me a book with a whole bunch of made-up jargon– spells, ranks, science, you name it– and I’ll be happy. (This is one of the many reasons I love Lost Universe, too– It’s like reading Star Trek in Japanese! Disregarding the fact that Kain is an insufferable ass in the novel…)

Other than that, I’m also a life-long fan of the Final Fantasy series.

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