Commission FAQ

How do I commission a project?
First, email me your proposal at the address rebmastu {at} gmail {dot} com with the subject “Turtle Translations” and a link to the untranslated material. I will evaluate your submission (read: either I want to do it, or I don’t) and I will quote you a price and time frame to completion. If you are a person I have yet to do business with, I will request 50% of the payment up front, and I will begin work on the project.

I will contact you once my translation/scanlation is complete with a request for the remainder of the payment, and upon receipt I will email you the finished product. If it doesn’t meet your standards, I will be more than happy to work with you until we settle on a version that satisfies us both. At this point, I will post it here on the site and wherever else I feel is relevant unless you wish to be the first to make it public. However, note that once you do take it live, I will post it here as well. You are absolutely free to request exclusivity, of course, but you may not claim my translations as your own or use it for commercial purposes.

How long does it take you to complete a commission?
Largely it depends on several factors: First and foremost is my general interest in the story. This is why there’s a screening process — I could take on just about anything, but if I don’t like the story/characters featured, I will take forever. But yeah, it depends on the normal things — work, family issues, etc. can cause delays. I’d like to shoot for two weeks, but be prepared– and not surprised– if I end up taking a month or more.

What kind of commissions are you accepting?
I’m trying to stick mostly to novels/short stories for the time being, however I’m open to one-shots/doujinshi as well. Genre-wise, my personal preference leans more toward fantasy and humor, but I’m open to others as well. Please email me first to pitch the series. I reserve the right to refuse any project that doesn’t pique my interest. I also ask that either you provide the raws for the project in question or be willing to reimburse me should I have to go out of pocket. I am especially receptive to books/series available on Kadokawa’s BOOK☆WALKER platform due to the convenience of digital media.

What are your prices for commission?
For novels, I’m looking at about $1/page depending on the difficulty of the source material. Manga/doujinshi scanlations would be $1.50 per. Please contact me at rebmastu [at] gmail [dot] com for price quotes.
If you have any questions not addressed above, please comment below.

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