New Name, New Site, New Look!

¬†Welcome to the new and improved Ruby Eye Translations, home to what was previously known as Turtle Translations! I’ve changed the name, changed the layout, changed the URL, and hopefully it’s all for the better; and if nothing else, at least it should be easier to read and navigate!

Some additional changes —

    • Added “Translation Quote” form — Use this handy form to contact me about potential projects!
    • Added “Upcoming” section — Now you can see what’s next in my queue just by glancing at the sidebar. (IT’S SO HANDY)
    • Updated the “About” section — Learn about the translator (i.e., Me.) Be warned, what you learn may be SHOCKING!…ly ridiculous.
    • Group Commissions — As you’ll see in the sidebar, you can request certain works you’d like to see translated and contribute to the funding as a group, as opposed to footing the entire bill by yourself.

The navigation’s also been updated to be more straightforward and a little less cluttered, so there’s that, too. Let me know if you run into any issues!

Also, PDFs have been temporarily removed! It was pointed out to me that the images used in the PDF versions of Wrongfully Accused showed the paths where the images were originally located on my computer, and frankly, that’s just a smidge embarrassing, so I’ve taken them down until I can work it out so they, uh, don’t do that. Thanks for your patience!

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  • Shakka says:

    Love the new design, really nice !
    And thanks for those translations, I’m so glad you create this division !
    I cant’ wait to read more Slayers stuff . Thanks a lot !

    Keep up the good work !

  • ghost_zero says:


    nice new design.

    Btw. do you also intend to translate the main Slayers light novels that were NOT released in English? Tokyopop released only 8 of the 15 after all.

    • rebmastu says:

      Thanks! As for the remaining volumes, I’d be more than willing to translate them, but someone would have to commission them, first.

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